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His blood made of engagement, his thoughts of images. His pictures often in black and white, his view on life in many colors. Born and raised in Broken Hill (Zambia), Henk is an award winning photographer who divides his time between travelling to developing countries for relief organizations and photographing in his hometown Nijmegen in the Netherlands. His assignments have brought him around the world where he witnessed famine, war, oppression and natural disasters. In 1993 Henk became a photo editor for Amnesty International and carried on to travel extensively throughout the world to create his work. In the same year Henk joined Dutch photo-agency Hollandse Hoogte. The Amsterdam Fund for the Arts awarded him with the starters’ prize for photography in 1996, after judging his photographs from India, Rwanda, Tibet and Nepal. Henk has won several prizes in the annual Zilveren Camera photo contest : in 1998 he won the first prize for a series of pictures about the student riots in Jakarta. For Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders), Henk travelled to many hotspots where medical care was needed like Niger, Sri Lanka, Kashmir and China. In the last decade, Henk has focused his camera on the fate of disabled children in developing countries for the Liliane Foundation, the Karuna Foundation and Orthopedic Missions in Cameroon. Throughout his career, the lives of vulnerable people are the main subject of his work.


This is what the BBC had to say about my first website in 2004 in their program ClickOnLine:

A stunning collection of photographic work that captures the essence of India. But apart from the incredible images nestling among these pages, the design and structure of the website complement the artist's work brilliantly. Like the starkness of a gallery wall, the basic design is plain and uncluttered. There's very little text here - which makes a nice change. What you'll find is a series of collected photographs taken by award winning photographer, Henk Braam, who in 1993 became a photographer for Amnesty International, and who has travelled extensively throughout India to create his work. You really just need to sit back and absorb these moving and passionate images. Click on a thumbnail to open a collection, and then use the Next button in the navigation panel to move through the pages.


Curriculum Vitae

Opleidingen :

Akademie voor Beeldende Kunst Arnhem (1979-1984)


Werkervaring :

Fotograaf bij Amnesty International, Amsterdam (1991-1992) Sinds 1992 lid van foto-bureau Hollandse Hoogte, Den Haag

Fotoreportages voor Artsen zonder Grenzen sinds 1993 in o.a. India, Niger, Rwanda, Sri Lanka en China.

Samenwerking met Foodteam voor culinaire vakbladen div. fotoreportages in o.a. Rome, Barcelona, Luxemburg, Lausanne, Napels, München en Griekenland.

Workshops en lezingen in o.a. Academie Minerva, Groningen en ArtEZ, Arnhem

Lid GKf sinds 1995


Exposities (selectie) :

Museum Valkhof Nijmegen ‘DOKUMENT VAN HET MOMENT’ groepsexpositie 2004

Centrum Beeldende Kunst Nijmegen (CBKN) ‘KINDEREN IN OORLOGSGEBIEDEN’ solo 2004

Galerie Stills ‘NIJMEGEN DE VERWONDERING’ groeps 2005

Centrum Beeldende Kunst Nijmegen (CBKN) ‘MIJN NIJMEGEN’ solo 2005

Het Oude Raadshuis Aalsmeer ‘KINDERPORTRETTEN UIT SRI LANKA’ solo 2006

Noorderlicht Fotomanifestatie 2006 ‘ANOTHER ASIA’ groeps 2006 LUX Nijmegen ‘MAGIC MADE IN INDIA’ solo 2008

Centrum Beeldende Kunst Nijmegen ‘POTPOURRI’ solo 2008

LUX Nijmegen ‘KINDEREN VAN AzG‘ solo 2009

Fotografiefestijn Velp groeps 2009

LUX Nijmegen ‘AFRICAN WOMEN!‘ solo 2010

LUX Nijmegen ‘STILL GOING STRONG : JAN van TEEFFELEN’ groeps 2010

VillaLUX Kunstdiner ‘Portretten uit Kameroen’ solo 2012

Stevenskerk Nijmegen ‘Braam & Brys, straatfotografie uit Nijmegen en Antwerpen’ 2015 samen met Karina Brys

Museum het Petershuis, Gennep 'Now and Never' 2017


Projecten :

‘Het Geheime Leven van de Stad’ De Mondriaan Stichting, Anjerfonds Gelderland 1995

‘Religieuze tradities van allochtonen in Gelderland’ Provincie Gelderland 1999

‘De moesson in Calcutta’ Fonds Beeldende Kunsten, Vormgeving en Bouwkunst 2002


Prijzen :

Amsterdamse Fonds voor de Kunst, Aanmoedigingsprijs Fotografie1996

Kodak Award 98/99 tweede prijs categorie Dierenportret

De Zilveren Camera 1998 eerste prijs categorie Buitenlands Nieuws series

De Zilveren Camera 2000 derde prijs categorie Architectuur enkel

De Zilveren Camera 2005 derde prijs categorie Dagelijks Leven series